* On September 15th, 2019, The OBGYN Place, P.A. PERMANENTLY CLOSED! * DR. Malick, DR. Ribail, and Dr. Poole are no longer providing office gynecologic care.

* Nurse practitioner LaDawn Cantu is now practicing with Dr. Stephanie Shisler at Grace Gynecology and Wellness at our former location, 901 Rockwall Parkway Rockwall ,TX 75032.

* Appointments can be made with LaDawn or Dr. Shisler by calling 469-769-1961

* To arrange for the transfer of your medical records download the attached medical records release form and return it to or mail it to the address on the form.

***PLEASE NOTIFY YOUR PHARMACY- Prescription can no longer be refilled through The OBGYN Place***

*NON URGENT and NON MEDICAL messages may be emailed to Emails will be processed on Thursdays each week.

The OB-GYN Place, P.A. Clinic